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Looking to Rehome a Cat?

Attention: All Shelter Intakes are temporarily suspended due to construction.  We will be welcoming cats back once the remodel is concluded.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

We desire the best possible outcome for every cat in our care.  For this reason, we are a limited intake shelter.  This means that we find other ways to help you and your cat, especially if intake into the shelter is not an option.  Please check out the resources below for alternative adoption methods and tips on how to get along with cats in your neighborhood.  For more information regarding dealing with and solving common behavior issues in indoor cats, please call us and someone will get back with you with ways we can help.

Rehoming evaluations are by appointment only.  Please call and schedule an appointment. Most appointments are on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9 am-3 pm.

During your appointment, the cat(s) will be medically and behaviorally evaluated for adoption potential.  We are committed to working with you to have the best possible outcome for your cat.

Stray Rehoming

Thank you for making an effort to help out this special group of cats! 


Most of the cats that are surrendered to us are strays or community cats. Community cats are a group of cats that live outside because they were abandoned by their owners, they were lost from their owners or were born outside.  Some are merely inside/outside cats that have merely wandered outside their normal territory. Some are friendly; others are unsocialized or "feral".


So, how can you help? Use this flow chart to determine the best way you can help out these special cats!


How about kittens?

If you find healthy, warm, quiet kittens - Mom is coming back!  Please leave them where they are if they are in a safe location!  If you know they are orphans such as you know for certain that the mother is dead, if they are cold or injured or in an unsafe location such that they are in immediate danger, please call us and see if we can help.  Based on our foster capacity, we can only help a limited number of kittens.  Want to help and make sure these little guys have the best chance?  Consider becoming a foster for KCHS-CATS!

In the meantime, these little guys need help!  Check out this website for great information about proper care for kittens:

download (39).jpg

Remember, the best way to help the kittens is to prevent them from being born. 

Spay and neuter unfixed cats in your neighborhood today!

Owner Rehoming

Sometimes life happens and we cannot keep our beloved cat.  Sometimes your cat happens and some behavior reason makes them less beloved.  We understand and want to help you and your cat through this difficult time.  Because we care about your cat and want it to have the best possible outcome, we do not often have room for immediate surrenders.  Coming to the shelter is a highly stressful event, especially for owned cats.  It should always be the last resort. Please plan ahead and make alternative arrangements if you know that you may have to give up your cat. Talk to your friends and relatives first. Try using the Rehome website to adopt out your cat yourself (more info below).  You know what your cat likes and dislikes and are in the best position to find him or her the best home.

Are you surrendering because of some behavior you just can't seem to manage?  We are here to help you!  We would much rather have your cat stay at home with you than to come to the shelter.  Our staff and shelter veterinarian have had experience solving problems just like yours and we are glad to help!  We would like to work with you to repair your bond with your cat and help you to live together in harmony again.  Please call us to learn more and let us help you specifically.

If you still need to surrender your cat to KCHS-CATS, please call us and schedule a surrender appointment.  Please bring all pertinent information such as medical and vaccine history, behavior history, preferences, food you are feeding and anything else that will make the transition to the shelter and adoption into a new family a smooth process.


This is a free website designed by a non-profit organization just for pet owners (any pet! - dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, pig, etc) looking to safely re-home their pet themselves.  They will help you build an online pet profile, help you sort through applications, meet safely with potential adopters and ultimately find a great home for your pet.  A small adoption fee applies to the adopter (to help ensure they go to a good home) and 100% of this fee goes to the humane society or shelter of your choice. 

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