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KCHS is Under Construction!

New Floor Plan 3.png

For several years, the staff and board at KCHS-CATS have discussed expanding our building to improve the efficiency of our surgery/clinic space and make our lobby more welcoming and “user-friendly” to our clients. The fact that our west property line is only 15 feet from our current front door also encouraged us to look to the back of the building and the expanse of our property to the east. These deliberations culminated this spring with a contract with Claggett & Sons Builders of Newark to build two additions to our shelter, one to better accommodate dogs coming to our clinics and the other to create a new entrance and lobby.

This project will:

• Contain all our activities, including parking for the public (which now is on Knox County property), wholly within KCHS property

• Enlarge the surgery area by adding a space to house canine surgery clients that is separated from the feline surgery area, thus reducing stress for both species

• Provide a lobby that truly welcomes the public by implementing ADA standards, which our current building does not

• Reflect our current shelter staffing levels and shelter policies

This project will take at least 120 days to complete. During that time, we will endeavor to continue our current schedules for surgeries and wellness clinic as much as possible. All intakes will be temporarily suspended along with adoptions once all the cats currently on our adoption floor are adopted. There will be times when we will need to make temporary changes to our public clinics for public safety and to coordinate with the construction process. Please be patient with us! We look forward to welcoming the public to our remodeled shelter in the very near future.

Would you like to help us make this happen?  Please consider donating today!  Your gifts truly make a difference!

To accommodate the construction, some things may temporarily look a bit different.  

Parking area will be more congested due to decreased space

Dust and noise are a part of every construction project - Thank you for your understanding!

• All Surrenders are temporarily suspended until the end of construction

• All Adoptions will be suspended after all the cats currently in our care are adopted

Starting in October, Surgery and Wellness Clinics will move to the current Adoption Floor area on the north side of the building


A new, temporary entrance will be located northwest side of the building

Due to this change, spay/neuter surgery on dogs >50lbs will be temporarily suspended starting in October until the end of construction, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue to accept all cats and dogs <50lbs 

We thank you for your patience and look forward to welcoming you back to our expanded and updated space soon!

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