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You + KCHS-CATS = Lives Saved

Kittens are the most vulnerable of all animals entering shelters in the United States today.  They are very susceptible to diseases and stresses inevitable in the shelter building.  Some require round the clock, intensive care that is beyond the scope of what our shelter staff can handle.  We need your help to change that for the kittens we receive.  Getting them out in homes keeps them healthy and safe and also allows them to receive the proper socialization they need to become successful future pets.  

Occasionally, we are in need of an adult cat foster for medical or behavioral reasons.  Please indicate your interest in this specialized foster program on your foster application.

We ask that the person responsible for the cat/kittens be at least 16 years old.


Please consider volunteering to be a foster today!

What do I need to get started?

No special experience required!  Basic cat husbandry skills is all the knowledge you need to get started.  Fostering kittens, especially neonates, can be a difficult challenge, a heart-rending, amazing journey and a truly life-changing experience.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Basic supplies:

  • Isolated room in your house that can be closed where the kittens can safe (or large dog crate for orphan kittens)

  • Low litter box

  • Non-clumping litter (for kittens)

  • Commercial kitten formula (KMR or equivalent)

  • Kitten bottles

  • Small scale

  • Purina kitten chow

  • Canned pate cat/kitten food

  • Toys and other enrichment items

  • Your love, interaction and patience!

KCHS-CATS asks for your support in supplying these items.  By doing so, you will expand our capacity of care, meaning we can help more cats and kittens.  If you cannot foster but would still like to help, please consider donating any of these items and we will make sure they are put to good use with our fosters.

KCHS-CATS will always supply:

  • All medical care performed at KCHS including vaccines, deworming, flea medicine and spay and neuter surgery when age appropriate.

  • Support throughout the process

  • Space and dedication to find them great, loving homes when they become available for adoption.

Check out this website for great information about proper care for kittens:

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