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Our History

Founded in 1887, KCHS-CATS is one of the oldest, independent humane societies in Ohio and even in the United States.  We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization supported solely by our low cost fees, memberships, grants and donations from people just like you!  We offer twice weekly public spay/neuter clinics to humanely reduce the population of unwanted animals.  Once a week we hold a wellness clinic open to the public to reduce preventable suffering and death in our companion animals through vaccination and flea/tick/heartworm medications. 

Abuse and Neglect

Currently, we do not have the facilities or ability to conduct humane investigations. Please call 740-393-6713 to talk to a representative of the Knox County Animal Shelter.  Our appointed Humane Agent works out of this facility.

Thank you for your concern.

Our Vision

To provide education in order to save animal lives, end animal suffering, and ensure animal wellness; to build a community where people value companion animals as lifelong cherished family members and treat them with respect and kindness.

Our Misson

The Knox County Humane Society’s primary purpose is to provide for the welfare of all cats; including stray, surrendered, and rescued cats. We do so through public awareness, clinics, campaigns, humane sheltering and fostering, adoption and surrender services, and initial medical and altering services. The organization places its emphasis on performing all of its goals for all cats who are healthy and adoptable. We are dedicated to promoting the wellness of cats and dogs through education, our wellness clinic, and our low cost spay and neuter program.

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