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How are we doing?

KCHS-CATS is a limited intake facility.  We are committed to finding the best outcome for every cat that enters our care.  We believe strongly that euthanizing healthy cats for space or length of stay should not be a part of any humane society and is not in anybody’s best interest.  We only euthanize cats for medical or behavioral reasons we cannot work with or treat that make them unadoptable.  Through stricter protocols, giving cats more living space and the implementation of an enrichment plan, we have been able to reduce our sickness and disease levels significantly.  Currently, we are working on expanding our alternatives to intake and a return to field program for behaviorally unadoptable cats to further increase our impact in a positive manner.


How to Interpret Our Data

RTF - Return to Field, cats spayed/neutered/vaccinated and returned to where they came from

RTO - Return to Owner, cats reunited with their owners

TNVR - Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return, cats spayed/neutered/vaccinated and returned to managed feral colonies

Live Outcome - Any cat that had a live outcome including adoption, RTF, TNVR and RTO

LRR - Live Release Rate, calculated as Live Outcomes/All Outcomes

S/N - Spay and neuter surgeries performed on dogs and cats through our public low-cost spay and neuter clinic


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2018 - 2022 Data

2022 Shelter Stats Chart.png
2022 Surgery Chart.png
2021 Outcome Pie Chart.png
2021 S-N Pie Chart.png
2020 Outcome Pie Chart.png
2019 Outcome Pie Chart.png
2018 Outcome Pie Chart.png
2020 S-N Pie Chart.png
2018 S-N Pie Chart.png
2019 S-N Pie Chart.png
2017 S-N Pie Chart.png
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