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2020 in Review

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For everyone,  KCHS-CATS included, the year 2020 was over-shadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nevertheless, there were some bright spots we would like to share:

  • Our surgery team spayed 642 female cats and 152 female dogs, and neutered 539 male cats and 149 male dogs for a total of 1482 surgeries, 10.9% more than in 2019

  • Of the cats and kittens in the shelter awaiting adoption,130 females were spayed and 91 males neutered for a total of 221 animals

  • In December, we initiated the “Save the 40” by lowering the cost of surgery for Knox County cats to $25 for both males and females, resulting in 68 animals being fixed  under this program within that month

  • Returned 71 feral cats (41 females, 30 males) to their colonies after being “fixed” and vaccinated  through our TNVR program

  • Received a grant from the Jean M Patrick Fund to allow a reduction in the cost for spaying/neutering client cats

  • Continued the twice-weekly low-cost wellness/vaccine clinics, administering vaccines to 401 dogs and 985 cats; total number of vaccines administered, 1280 to dogs and 2854 to cats (these figures include animals receiving vaccines during surgery and shelter cats)

  • Completed adoptions of 281 cats and kittens, an average of 23  animals/month, a 19% increase over 2019 adoptions

  • · Worked with architects to develop plans for extensive remodeling of shelter building, but because of the “sticker shock” of construction estimates, decided to look at more modest changes; upgraded electrical system, replacing old fluorescent bulbs with brighter, more efficient LED bulbs; made major improvements to shelter basement by stabilizing block walls, upgrading the plumbing, and installing systems to prevent periodic flooding after heavy rains

  • Developed a new, more attractive and informative website that includes all our forms and resources for pet care

  • Partnered with Midwest Veterinary Supply to provide an online pharmacy available through our website so clients can purchase pet food, toys, supplies, even medications

  • Sponsored a Spring Rabies Clinic in May providing low-cost rabies vaccines for cats and dogs, conducted following COVID protocols

  • The pandemic directly affected our operations, suspending the spay/neuter clinics during the month of April, requiring wellness clinic visits and adoptions to change to by-appointment only— practices  that will remain in place for the future; we were forced to cancel a fund-raiser at Amato’s Woodfired Pizza in April, and, like so many other Knox County organizations, were unable to participate in First Fridays and similar community events; but held pet blessings virtually

  • COVID-19 also closed down the KCHS-sponsored bingo games at AMVETS for several months; those restrictions plus the lack of volunteers to help with the games forced us to terminate this program

· Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a brighter 2021!!


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